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We offer a lot of personal and special services, which help make us different than our competition. We can’t list them all – but here are a few of the super services we have: Heater Repairs, Pump & Motor Repairs & Equipment Upgrades.


We are professionals who love our work and the rewards associated with helping our customer and making sure their needs are handled.

Weekly Pool Service: Maintenance & Cleaning

Our weekly service includes:

  • Skimming the water
  • Brushing steps, walls & lights
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning of Skimmer and Pump Baskets
  • Water Analysis – All Basic Chemicals Provided



Algae Removal

Is your pool green?  We can help with that.  Depending on the service most clear ups take just a few days without draining your entire pool water.  We use special chlorine and algaecides to kill the algae in your pool.  Your pool will be sparkling clean and ready to enjoy. (SOME POOLS MAY NEED TO BE DRAINED)

Filter Service

Cleaning or Repairs: Depending on the type of filter your pool is using your options will vary.  Some of the calls we receive don’t require anymore then some cleaning.

Trusted Swimming Pool Service & Repair Company


Welcome to Redhawk Pools Service & Repairs. When You are in the market for swimming pool cleaning & repair, trust the most experienced pool company in the area.  Redhawk Pool Service offers equipment installation, repair services and maintenance.  We take care of all the tedious chores associated with a pool so that you can spend more time enjoying your pool.

Redhawk Pool Service & Repairs  is a full service family owned and operated company with over 25 years experience.



Pools Cleaned

"My pool has never looked better. I really feel like they care about my pool so they can service it efficiently so that we may enjoy it. I hired them after the wind brought down a crazy amount of ash from all the fires. My previous pool guy had been out three times and it never looked any different. Stacy came out and within the first service it was night and day different! She is very knowledgeable, quick and does a great job. Can't wait for warmer weather to jump in!"


"Redhawk Pool Service and Repairs are so reliable and knowledgable. We have enjoyed their service for the past 8 months and couldn't ask for better. They adjusted our chemicals for the safety of babies and dogs and we would not have thought to even ask about it. They have repaired equipment on our pool and keep in touch about any needs for our older pool. Plus they have never missed a cleaning!!! I highly recommend their service."

Rebecca M.

"Been using their services now for several years. They are honest, friendly, know what they are doing and prices are reasonable. Loreen S. Excellent service and pricing. Really wish I had found them years ago. The last few years I've fought algae on a weekly basis and the big pool supply stores would test the water and tell me I just needed to brush more. Redhawk solved the problem in the first two visits (it took two because I had to drain off some of the over chlorinated water and add fresh). Well worth the investment!"

Robert H.

"I have used Redhawks pool repair 2 times and Matt and Stacy were very helpful came right out and made the repairs needed at a reasonable price. Don't see any need to call anyone else. ******** That post was a couple of years ago, this time i was having trouble with the heater not starting up. Matt came out right away and diagnosed the possible problem it was either that or replace the whole heater. It took a couple of days for the part to come in, lucked out it was the problem heater works good now. For only 200 bucks couldn't be happier. Thanks Matt and Stacy."

Brad K.

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